YAESU People

The following page will give you a close view to the people around YAESU. All of them spend a lot of power to support the ham community with the products.

JA1MP sk

He started YAESU and left us very early.

Thank you!


Jun Hasegawa,


Vertex Standard

Peter Weber, DJ4BR

Wolfgang Sommerkamp, DJ2YJ

Peter Weber, DJ4BR

Peter`s Homepage with lots of informations about SSB, Ham-Radio etc

DJ1KM sk

(SK 27.10.2006)
Reinhard Richter

No YAESU in Germany without RICOFUNK,









Hasegawa, Sommerkamp Richter

DJ1KM, tnx a lot


Jürgen Kix, Sales-Manager at RICOFUNK for a very long time

No YAESU in Germany without his activities....

Juergen Heidemann, DL1AB

Sales Clerk at RICOFUNK

He sold so many YAESU radios to the german dealers... one of the best distributors reps I ever met... times change...long ago




Kaz Naguro

He did the job for YAESU in Germany from 1996 on


The german part of the YAESU story found an short end in 2002. YAESU moved all activities into the Netherlands and gave up the German office.